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The 2018 Page Regatta

November 1st - 4th

  • Welcome to the 16th annual Page Regatta!

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Share An Adventure

Treat yourself and your family to the natural beauty that has inspired artists and photographers for decades – the azure blue of Lake Powell contrasted with the red of the Navajo sandstone and the ever-changing hues of the Vermillion Cliffs.

Join with others who make an annual pilgrimage to Page, Arizona, in the first weekend of November, to witness scores of hot air balloons peacefully ascending into the clear Arizona sky against a backdrop so wondrous and unique.

See why thousands of visitors, residents, and photographers come to watch in wonder as hot air balloons take flight against the backdrop of majestic Lake Powell scenery.

There’s something mystical and magical about watching a colorful hot air balloon floating right above you, as it silently rides the wind.

It’s awe inspiring to see the entire Balloon Regatta fill the morning sky right above you.

On Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, see scores of majestic hot air balloons inflate and launch each morning from the Lake Powell National Golf Course, and rise over the mesa that is downtown Page. See the Regatta Event Schedule  for time and day of regatta activities.

Page Lake Powell Balloon Regatta by Frank TalbottWatching the balloons inflate is a popular part of the annual Balloon Regatta.

Spectators and photographers are allowed on the golf course for an up close view. You’ll find a lot of activity as the crews prepare their balloons for inflation. Once the pilots engage the burners to heat the air, it takes about 30 minutes for the balloons to fill and rise above the baskets, and the process is thrilling to watch.

The Balloon Launch from the golf course is a spectacular sight to see.

Imagine being surrounded by scores of huge inflated colorful hot air balloons ready to launch. You’re right there, as these fragile craft take flight to fill the morning sky.

Page Lake Powell Balloon Regatta by Frank TalbottHear the “whoosh” of their gas flame. See some soar into the air, while others skim along the ground; as they race with the wind to get up and over the mesa that is downtown Page, Arizona.

On the mesa in downtown Page,

you look up to see these adventurous pilots fight to gain altitude for their daily flight. You witness as majestic balloons silently glide by right above you. Some just above the tree tops, as they rise to join the rest of the regatta. The visual spectacle gives you a sense of being in the middle of their flight.

Except for the periodic deep whoosh of their burner, and the “ooohs and ahhhs” from fellow spectators, the passing of this magnificent flight of balloons is a silent affair. As you gaze upward at this awe inspiring sight, there’s no deafening engine to destroy the serenity, as the regatta sails silently through the morning sky at Page Lake Powell.

Hot Air Balloonist are at the mercy of the temperature and the wind.

Their average time aloft for each days Regatta is between two and three hours. Some spectators and photograpPage Lake Powell Balloon Regatta by Frank Talbotthers follow the Regatta south to watch the balloon landings. It’s inspiring to see the many dedicated hot air balloon ground crews, as they “chase” after their balloons to gather the balloon, basket, and pilot after landing.

Come share the adventure with these daring pilots in their hot air balloons.

TAP TO ENTER       2018 Share an Adventure SWEEPSTAKES !

for 10 CHANCES TO WIN accommodations for two for two nights at…  See More>>


Limit 1 entry per person per week during the Sweepstakes Entry Period

A Close Encounter

One of the highlights of the Balloon Regatta is the Balloon Glow event held at the Vendor Fair on Saturday evening.

Downtown Page is blocked off with dozens of balloons in the streets, parks, and parking lots. The Vendor Fair is at center stage for a spectacular Balloon Glow performance conducted by the Regatta balloon pilots. See the Regatta Event Schedule  for the time of this year’s Balloon Glow event.

Just imagine thousands of people crowded into downtown Page to witness this magical event.

You’re surrounded by majestic colorful balloons, sitting everywhere, as they light up the night sky.

You watch in amazement as individual balloons begin to talk to each other with fire in the sky. And marvel as pilots synchronize the intensity of their balloon’s glow with the rhythm of the music.The effect is a magical symphony of music and light.

The Balloon Glow is a close encounter of the real kind with memories you and your family will share for a life time.


Enjoy The Vendor Fair

In association with the Page Regatta, the Page Lake Powell Chamber of Commerce conducts an annual Vendor Fair to celebrate the wonder, the rite of passage, that is the Page Regatta.

This years Page Lake Powell Balloon Regatta festivities will be bigger and better than ever, In addition to four days of hot air balloon Regatta flights and activities, we’ve added a Photo Contest, a Friday night Lantern Launch, and a growing number of unique Artisans and Concessionaires to accommodate the growing number of people attending.

Our two day Vendor Fair continues to grow with more activities, live entertainment, and booth spaces. You’ll find your favorite concessions from years past; as well as, added new ones from Arizona and surrounding states.

The Balloon Regatta Vendor Fair is held on Friday and Saturday. 

The Vendor Fair has a little something for everyone. It features a Balloons n’ Brews Beer Garden and daily Entertainment.

There are around 100 concessions with Concessionaires and Artisans who provide that something special to remember from this exciting and colorful event. Vendor Fair festivities include family activities with Inflatables and Kids Rides.

TAP HERE for more info on the Balloon Regatta Vendor Fair and Vendors


A Life Time Memory

There’s something mystical and magical about watching a regatta of these magnificent colorful hot air balloons rise into the sky, to float right above you, as they silently ride the wind, the first weekend in November at Page, Arizona.

This is a unique opportunity for you and your family to experience the memory of a life time.

Encounter everything the 2018 Page Regatta has to offer. Come share the adventure with these daring pilots in their hot air balloons.

We look forward to seeing you at the 16th Annual Page Lake Powell Balloon Regatta.


Piloting and Balloon

TAP HERE to go to the Page Lake Powell Hot Air Balloon Regatta Facebook Page 

For Information on Piloting or Balloons, please visit pageregatta.com

Page Regatta Poster Contest

An annual contest is sponsored in the Page schools by the Page Regatta. The contest is to create a poster for the upcoming regatta. The winning  poster is utilized in local advertising. An image of the winning poster and name of the artist is posted with the  Regatta Event Schedule  on this website.